Thursday, May 3, 2012

Werewolf's Beware

This was a challenge.  Over at Haunted Design House this week 
their challenge is to CASE A MINION and boy did they come up with
some AMAZING creations.

I wanted to really challenge myself with this challenge
and decided to CASE Minion ANDREA .
She created a fabulous Vampire Repellent Keychain.

I wanted to compliment her creation with a Werewolf Repellent Keychain.

I first started out by drawing, coloring and cutting out the charms. 
I am not a jewelry maker so I had to figure out how to make the jump rings
and had to re-shrink some of my charms due to the hole being too small.

Who doesn't need some Rye, Wolf's Bane, Mistletoe and of course a Silver Bullet.

The Wolf's Bane was by far the hardest for me to draw, I haven't used my drawing skills in a long time :) 
I love how it came together, was a little shocked to see, that yes the Wolf's Bane in the finished project does seem to have suffered a little damage.  But I think it adds character.

Who knows maybe the piece fell off in battle on a moonlight night ;)

Visit Haunted Design House and join the fun!


  1. This is AMAZING!!! You did Andrea proud with this one.
    Fabulous work Collen. Way to make it yours! Thank you so much for rising to this week's challenge at HDH.

  2. OMG - this is AWESOME. You really rocked this one. Totally fabulous creation and I love it. !! Thank you for joining us at Haunted Design House xx

  3. Cool key chain.....Andrea is going to love your interpretation of her art :)

  4. Wowsers! Absolutely fabulous! Andrea will be thrilled. All the Minions are. thanks for joining us. xxD

  5. WOW this is freaking amazing (wish I had thought of it hehe). Seriously brilliant work here. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Haunted Design HOuse and for using my shrinks as inspiration for this wonderful piece of art. xx

  6. Awesome keyring Colleen. I'm sure you can find some use for the reject bits as well.

  7. Such a cool project Colleen!

    I just wanted to pop by and clarify that the shopping sale at Quick Quotes applies to order of $60 or more. That is posted on the site, but I forgot to include that on the blog post. My apologies! Thank you and happy shopping!!!

  8. So cool!! I love the wolfsbane and that you drew everything.

    You'll have to tell me about the mistletoe as a repellent, that was a new one for me.