Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st Recycled Project

Going out to get the mail is both fun, and depressing :) i think you'd agree.  Receiving packages and cards, FUN. Finding bills and junk mail, DEPRESSING.

So when I went out to get the mail the other day and we had received 4, yes 4, of the same flyer's from our insurance company, one for everyone family member no matter the age. I felt I had to make something.

The stamps I used are from the NEW full-sized plate Getting Grizzly from Rogue Redhead Designs.
Which is still on sale! Click Here to shop.

This is what I came up with...Hope you enjoy :)

This is what I started with.

Stamps: Honey Comb, Bears in tree, Crawling bear, Honeypot bear, Standing bear, Backward sitting bear, Single bear in tree, Sentiment and Forward sitting bear from Getting Grizzly plate

My oldest had the job of coming up with the story :) He did a good job.


  1. Thats very clever recycling colleen!!! gorgeous book!!! love it, Debi x

  2. That is so frickin' cute, and creative! Wonderful.
    Have a great art filled week.

  3. A fabulous upcycle! Love your sweet book!